To be an expert witness, you need to be an expert! 

Explain when I might be needed; 
Court judicial or 
Quasi-judicial body 

Say What? 

A court of law that hears cases and makes decisions based on statutes or common law. 
Judicial bodies are the ordinary courts of law – such as the Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts, Taluka Courts etc. 
Quasi means semi, thus, such bodies which have some characteristics of a judicial body but are not strictly bound by the rules of procedure (unless provided by law) are quasi-judicial bodies. 

The weight of responsibility 

Often, the evidence put forward in a trial by an expert witness can be a deciding factor in tipping the balance in favour of a well-informed, reliable well considered judgment. 

My role as an expert witness 

To be an expert witness, I am indeed an expert! Over the thirty years I have worked in practice as a Mental Health Nurse I have had to have the knowledge and the competence to work with people and prescribe appropriate treatment and support. Being able to offer additional skills and abilities such as courtroom skills and report writing, come from my experience and desire to explore so much more than I initial thought my role would offer. 
Being methodically when presenting my evidence of fact ensures that I am clear and concise. 
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